70 Hare tsutsumi | Japanese arabesque Red


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Product Description

This celebratory furoshiki uses a red and white pattern, which is a color combination with a long history of keeping away bad luck and bringing happiness. The exemplary framed pattern changes beautifully depending on the way it’s wrapped and what’s wrapped inside. The inner white portion of the furoshiki also features a pearl colored karakusa design, which represents long life and prosperity and makes it perfect for gift giving on a happy occasion.

Product Details

  • Code : 20724-204
  • Dimensions : 70 x 70 cm (27.6″ x 27.6″).
  • Weight : 82 g.
  • Material : 100% cotton.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Gift Wrapping (Bottle etc..)

Hare tsutsumi

The representative colors are red and white or gold and silver for Japanese auspicious event . It was designed a wrapping cloth that celebrates Hare no hi with a message in these symbolic “color” The composition is another feature of this series. Furoshiki’s charm is designed the beauty spreading and when it is wrapping.
“Hare tsutsumi” is spread to “Katami gawari” or “ichimatsu pattern” “plum pattern” of bold designs emerged. Wrapped red and white contrast, and Navy and white modulation is modern and elegant. will gives the impression of modern style. Please use Hare no hi as life ritual and seasonal gift and “wrapped gift”