Furoshiki Workshops

This Funzing Experience:

Tamakurya Boutique presents a Workshop of Furoshiki! Come and learn some sustainable wrapping techniques and help the planet too by reducing your plastic usage. We are a unique start-up company who are teaching people a 2000 year old Japanese custom and tradition which goes back thousands of years. These techniques are ideal for transporting gifts, objects or shopping. The workshop includes a short history of furoshiki and a variety of useful, multi-functional wrapping techniques with just a single square piece of cloth. Wraps are provided during the class and can be purchased on the day with a 20% discount, also if there are specific items to wrap, please bring them along too. We can’t wait to see you, join our Eco-revolution.

It’s BYOB too, so make sure you bring a bottle, drink it and then wrap it/ recycle it.


Experience includes:

  • Guests will learn a variety of wraps including box wrap, bottle wraps, shopping bag and secure shopping bags.
  • Meet like-minded people who want to enhance their eco-lifestyle!
  • Learn the history of furoshiki, uses and basic Musubi knot.
  • Take home knowledge of reusable and zero waste wrapping alternatives.

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