68 Fujin Raijin Rayon Chirimen | Auspicious Cloud Cream


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Tapestry and rugs, as well as wrappings showing the Wind God and Thunder God Screens (“Fujin Raijin” ; they give a strong expression to any gift.

Product Details

  • Dimensions : 68 x 68 cm (26.8″ x 26.8″).
  • Weight : 101 g.
  • Material : 100% Rayon.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Gift Wrapping (Bottle etc..)

Fujin Raijin

The Wind God and Thunder God (“Fujin Raijin” screens) were originally images of the messengers of God of Senju Kannon and have been respected since ancient times.
This image is of the national treasure held by Kenninji Temple, a famous folding screen painting by 17th century Kyoto-born artist Tawaraya Soutatsu.
The expression of tension and dramatic clouds captured by the a special bamboo painting technique creates a vigorous feeling of dynamism that represents the god’s omnipotence. The artist creates an overwhelming texture using a rich depth of gold leaf; an effect which has been respected since the 17th century. The pair of gods express Buddhist art as an historical bridge between India, China and Japan.
Many contempory painters of the Rimpa school imitated Soutatsu’s work much to the delight of the Kyoto aristocracy.

This distinctive national treasure of Kenninji is often considered the quintessence of Sotatsu’s work and one of the masterpieces of his later years.
A wind god that “turns the tare and runs in the air”
A Thunder God who steps on earth to dance in heaven and earth. Disaster threatens the earth, but the raging two gods bring fertility everywhere due to rain and seasonal change; still fighting as intensely as in ancient times. A new size (68cm) Furoshiki is coming. Tapestry and rugs, as well as wrapping, Wind God and Thunder God Screens (“Fujin Raijin” brings an expressiveness to wrappings.